Five Things You Should Know Before Opting Esports As A Career In India

Before hand, some gamers used to download pirated games to enjoy gaming which was not a good way to enjoy gaming but nowadays the purchasing of games is increasing in India. Whether it is for PlayStation or PC people are showing interest in buying games from steam, e-commerce websites and game stores which are also a good thing to support the developers. Indians are also showing interest in buying costly gaming rigs or setups which are important at first for good gaming experience.Today the topic is not about games, it is about the talented Indian gamers.The gamers who play well than the other gamers participate in tournaments to showcase their talents. So, most of them think why not make gaming as a career when they have talent in it? After Esports became a famous profession in western or developed countries now it is on its way to India as a new career option for talented gamers. So, these are the five things you should know before choosing gaming as a career option in India:-

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1:- Taking Risk Only If You Truly Have Talent And Self Belief

Since the scope of this profession is very bleak in India and the opportunities are less, it’s better to keep it as a sidewise part-time profession along with your main profession. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to become a professional Esports player because it requires physical as well as mental prowess. Even you practice more than the top players you cannot beat them if their reaction time or reflexes are better than you in which the physical advantage comes to play. Human reaction time decreases significantly after 27 – 30 years of age so you will be replaced by newer players or you may take retire yourself after seeing a decline in your performances. This profession doesn’t have any incentive or pension provided by the organization or sponsors like higher paid jobs after retirement. Also, the prize money from Esports in India is not up to international level. In future, you may end up finding another job. Simply anyone can’t become Lionel Messi after practicing his skills and working hard like him because he is born talented and it is equivalent to Esports.  So if you know that you are talented and have self-belief then opt for this profession at your own risk after seeing the consequences that will happen in future.

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2:- Criticism

It is common in India to face criticism if you are not Doctor, Engineer or a good Officer. Even different sports players face criticism so esports is far away from talking. Maximum people will be confused if you ask them what is Esports! India is a country where the society and people, in general, do not consider or encourage gaming as a good career option for a simple and obvious reason because the revenue which Indian esports players generate from gaming is less compared to some other profession. Since the prize money is less as compared to western countries different gaming organizations and sponsors trying to increase the prize money and create more opportunities so that Indian people recognize it as a good career option. In India, gaming is hugely popular, but the mindset of people is conventional and risk-avoiding, because of which they choose to refrain from choosing gaming as a primary career choice. Because of unpopularity, Indian gamers are not spotted by international gaming organizations and sponsors so that they can show their talent and earn huge prize money.

3:- Practicing Hard And Keeping Balance

If you have really made up your mind that you want to go pro then you should start working hard. Get a 144 Hz or better professional fps gaming setup if you can afford or else go to gaming cafes regularly. Team up and try to make a friendly or local team from starting the period so that you can know yours as well as your teammates strong and weak points. Work hard on your weak points and try to play constantly against stronger teams or players. It is good to lose against stronger teams than to win against weak teams. It will require hours and hours of practice to master your skills. Watch videos and streams of better players than you. As much as we’ve emphasized that hours of practice are necessary for success, you need to have balance, meaning a life outside of the game. Interacting with parents, friends and doing other things, playing other sports are vastly important for your well being and that will help you to gain focus. Try to keep yourself motivated and inspired by following top sports players and professionals. Never Give Up! Play Hard Go Pro!

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4:- Indian Gaming Community

Being a competitive gamer you are part of a community. It is important to interact with friends as well as several unknown players to talk about the game you love and discuss strategies. It will only help you to get better. The Indian gaming community consists of rude players as well as supporting players. You will get players who will get enraged when they lose and start misbehaving with you. You shouldn’t be like them. Try to understand that how much you gonna play well you will have to lose one day. Even the best players on earth lose anywhere from thirty to fifty percent of their games. Losing is a part of the path to becoming a better player, and raging and trash talk does nothing to help you improve. If you want to be the best you have to lose games so that you can learn from your mistakes and practice hard on your weak points. Don’t try to practice in a vacuum rather than talk different players from Indian Gaming Community, it will help to gain more experience and learn new things important for improving your game.

5:- Sponsorships and Prize Pools

The career in Esports is still on the verge of development in India. You will make very low money by winning local tournaments or university competitions which will help you to buy gadgets or basic needs but it will not help for earning your living. After the formation of Indian Gaming League and the entry of ESL in India many reputed sponsorers like Corsair, Asus, Zotac, G2A etc are interested to invest in different gaming events and Esports competitions by announcing good prize pools. After the proposal of including Esports in Asian Games, the Indian government is also being appealed to provide opportunities to young talented gamers across India. The sponsorers and Esports enthusiasts are trying to increase prize pools and create opportunities for talented gamers so that they can earn their living from this profession.

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(Disclaimer:- This post is not about discouraging any gamers from India but to show the reality of gaming career in India. It is in the process of development and we hope that every Indian gamers dream will come true one day!)

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