5 Super Fun Games You Can Play With Your Child

If you have kids, you will know the struggle of trying to have quality time with them. It gets difficult to balance your life and make your children happy, but it is also necessary because once they enter their teens, you will not be able to see them as often. The best solution to that is to involve yourself in your kid’s schedule.

Children these days are always playing one game or another, trying to keep up with them by showing interest and playing games with them will give you are chance to spend some fun time together. Every kid has his or her own preferences when it comes to games. Some children are into car racing and all things car. Some love a good action game where they can shoot at their enemies, and so on. It gets tough to find a game that you and your child both can agree on. If you do not know of any such games, you can try these five super fun games that you can play with your child.

5 Super Fun Games You Can Play With Your Child

Check Out The 5 Super Fun Games You Can Play With Your Child…

  1. Minecraft

One of the greatest games that are making the round on the internet is Minecraft. It is played by people all around the world and children are crazy about it. Minecraft is the ultimate game that children and adults can play together as it grows alongside the people who are playing it. With a five-year-old, you can make things together or play in creative mode with TNT. With a ten-year-old, in survival mode, you can fight zombies and delve into mines together. Minecraft has become more and more complex over the years, but you can play it on whichever level you want. Chances are, your kid will know more about it than you do.

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  1. Fun Run

This game is as fun as the name suggests. All the players take part in a race and then try to win from the other players. This game attracts children and adults alike. You can download it from the app store and then connect to the internet. You can make a group and send your friends requests so they can join you in the race. You will be racing on fields and clouds and even candies. You have to not only win the race by being fast, but you can also drop hurdles like traps or knives behind you so they can slow down your opponents. Maximum four players can take part in this game. Playing this game is super addictive, and you are going to have one hell of a time with your children.

  1. Counter-Strike

This game is for children who love to play action games. In Counter-Strike, you have the option to join the team terrorists or counter-terrorists. The terrorists have to successfully place a bomb while the counter-terrorists will try and diffuse it. Whichever team you are in, you will have to follow their objective all the while trying to kill players from the other team before they kill you. You can choose the weapons of your liking. You have a multiplayer option in the game where you can connect your servers with each other and join the opposite teams. This game is fun because of the teams working together for a goal and also because of the fun maps that are available. You can choose the map depending on if you want to fight in a plain or the streets of Italy or India.

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  1. The Lego Games

The Lego Games are video games that are based on the Lego construction system. Children who love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel are in luck because there is probably a Lego game about it out there. The Lego adventures have co-ops modes, but still, sometimes, it can be challenging for you to focus on what you are supposed to do instead of just smashing things up. The Lego games are as funny as they are fun to play. With all its pros, however, this game can be a little expensive.

  1. Pocket Tanks

This game has the option of single player and multiplayer. This game is equally interesting for adults and children. Both players will each get a tank, and you will have to hit each other in order to gain points. You can choose the weapons and set the level difficulty you want. The tricky part is that both of the players have to set angles of their guns so you can hit right at the opponent’s tank. This game can be pretty competitive, and it takes some practice at aiming the weapon at the right angle. You can play Pocket Tanks on mobile phones or a PC.

These games are super fun, and your child will enjoy playing them with you…


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