15 Cheap date night ideas that is actually amazing

Being in a long term relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun dates anymore. It just means that you need to get a little more creative. Date nights are important, whether you’ve been together two weeks or married for 40 years. But, the cost of a “typical” date night doesn’t make things any easier. Fancy dinners and costly ticket prices add up, especially when you’re trying to get to know somebody new. So, here we have some amazing cheap date night ideas for you, and they won’t break the bank! These foolproof dates will allow you and your significant other to have a blast without burning a hole in your wallets. From romantic bars with lust-worthy drink specials to budget-friendly movie theaters and oyster happy hours, there are plenty of affordable options, if you know where to find them.

These are 15 cheap date night ideas that are actually amazing and will excite you and your partner.

  1. Make a Bonfire

Pretend one of you knows what you’re doing and grab some wood and matches to light up a bonfire on the beach. It’s perfect for cooler nights when it’s not totally freezing outside.

  1. Movie Night

A good old fashioned movie night is the next best thing which includes in the cheap date night ideas. Not only is it cheaper, but you don’t have to deal with any other people. Being alone in the dark is far more romantic without fifty other people surrounding you. Plus, you can customize your cheap store bought popcorn and other snacks in weird and wonderful ways that even Willy Wonka would be proud of.

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  1. Have a Picnic

Go to a nice park or find a spacious outdoor where you can chill out, have some food and a few drinks. If you go at night you can gaze into the moon and the stars above – super romantic!

  1. Cook together

The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. So if you’re both into cooking, this can be a lovely way to spend an evening together. You don’t need to go to an expensive restaurant to enjoy a luxurious meal. Set up some candles and put on some soothing music. You’ll never want to eat out again.

  1. Build something

There are so many things you could do with this one. From practical things like putting together that bookshelf, you bought last month to something crafty, like building a birdhouse. Creating something together is a great experience.

  1. Wander, On Purpose

Not all those who wander are lost. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a walk around your neighborhood or, even better, one you’ve never been to before. You and your partner can indulge in the sense of mystery, and maybe even stumble upon an unexpected opportunity, like a community event or hole-in-the-wall restaurant, giving you future cheap date ideas.

  1. An Open Mic Night

You never know what you’ll get on an open mic night, but you know whatever it is will be interesting. Even if a performer chokes on stage, she’ll appreciate the bravery it took to get up there especially if that performer is you.

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  1. Have a Game night

Get the old-school board games you have like chess, backgammon, Monopoly, Jenga or scrabble and have yourself a little competition!

  1. Take a short day trip

If you have a car at hand, why not devote a Saturday or Sunday to taking a short drive to some cool place nearby you’ve never visited? Once you get there, you can explore and walk around. If you packed a picnic beforehand, you’re all set for a fun day.

  1. Go hiking

You may not know this, but chances are where ever you live, there’s a trail. Take advantage of this public amenity and take a hike with your special someone! It’s good physical activity somewhere in between a walk and a high-intensity sport, too, so you get quality time and a good work out.

  1. See a Concert Under the Stars

Even if you don’t make it right to the front and center of the pit area, you can still sit on the grass and stargaze. Pack a blanket and enjoy the good music.

  1. Cycle together

How fun would it be riding your bicycle around again like old times but with your partner by your side – you can even go tandem biking for a more romantic trip!

  1. Massages

Perhaps this could be the natural progression of the above two ideas? Regardless of the situation, home massage is wonderful because they’re much cheaper than going to a spa. All you need is a towel and some oil! In addition, you’ll be getting massaged by your significant other, which is far less awkward than being with a stranger who you’re paying and trying to hide natural bodily functions from.

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  1. Go to an old fashioned ice cream parlor or go out for a coffee

Feel as though you’ve traveled back in time and enjoy an old fashioned treat.

  1. Go window shopping

This is a great way to have some one-on-one time with your love. While you’re out, you can sip a latte and get some exercise in. Talk about life; tell funny stories; share how your week is going; laugh at the things people buy; plan what you’ll do with the lotto money; simply hold hands.

Pro tip: Go after lunch or dinner so your tummy is full and you won’t be stuck needing to buy food out.

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