12 Things To Know About India’s First Ever Sea Bridge

12 things about india first ever sea bridge
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It is always incredible and our curiosity enriches more and more to know all about what happened first in India.

Yes, you did guess it right. It’s all about the Pamban Bridge, India’s first ever sea bridge.

Situated, off the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, about 500 km south of Chennai and little far away from Sri Lanka lies the Pamban Island. From there runs the Pamban Bridge which is a railway bridge connecting Rameswaram town on Pamban Island to the Indian mainland.

It was opened on 24 February 1914 by the British government. It held the title of being the longest sea bridge in India until the opening of Bandra-Worli Sea Link in 2010.

12 things about india first ever sea bridge
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Here Are The 12 Things To Know About India’s First Ever Sea Bridge :
    1. Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge situated parallel to the rail bridge connects the National Highway 49 with the Rameswaram Island. This road bridge was constructed in 1988.
    2. Till 1988, the Pamban bridge was the only surface transport that connected Tamil Nadu‘s island of Rameswaram to the mainland via. railway line.
    3. It is now the second largest sea bridge in India with a total of 2.3 km in length.
    4. It is located in the world’s second most corrosive environment resulting in constant threatening by nature, making its maintenance a challenging job.
    5. It is located in a cyclone-prone area with high wind velocity resulting in no provision for electricity and gets powered by solar energy to lighten up the parts of the town at night.
    6. The bridge consists of 143 piers having a double-leaf drawbridge with a rolling lift that can be raised to let the ships pass.
    7. The bridge initially ran up to Dhanushkodi town of the Pamban Island. In 1964, it got struck by a devastating cyclone hit which severely damaged and had been washed away by the sea leaving behind the bygone memories and structures in a dimmed and damaged shape.
    8. In 1964, the devastating cyclone also resulted in over-turning the Pamban-Dhanushkodi Passenger train killing all 150 passengers.
    9. The view of Adam’s Bridge is also visible from Pamban Bridge. Adam’s Bridge also known as the Ram Setu was built by Lord Rama and his army to rescue Sita from Lanka.
    10. Rameswaram had been Dr APJ Abdul Kalam‘s hometown. His house in Mosque Street is filled with thousands of his books and is always overcrowded with people.
    11. Being India’s first sea bridge, it had always attracted the tourist attraction by itself as people watch its mesmerising beauty in awe when the two leaves of the bridge open up to let ships to pass through.
    12. It has got its immense incredibleness. The bridge was further strengthened in 2009 for running and maintaining the increased rate of high goods traffic. Indian Railways is competing to bring the bridge in the UNESCO‘s world heritage list.
12 things about india first ever sea bridge
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