11 deadliest roads you would never want to drive on

Most drivers often encounter roads with unsafe conditions. There are many roads and highways in the world which might seem to be rather ordinary at first look but in reality, they can be quite dangerous for the passengers who travel these roads.

Even if you are Dominic Toretto of ‘Fast and Furious’ movie, you would have to think long and hard before traveling down the next 11 roads that we are going to talk about.

  • Passage du Gois in France

At first glance, you might think that this is not that much bad road to drive on. Wait a few hours and your opinion will change as the tide comes in and causes the entire route to vanish.

This road in the Atlantic coast is underwater twice a day which makes it dangerous for drivers to drive in. Driving this road can be a challenge because it is wet and covered with seaweed which makes it slippery as ice.

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  • Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road in Greece

Over the 23.5km length of this greek road, the elevation changes almost 500m. This might not sound bad to you but the factor lies in the tight twists and turns, a lot of potholes, heavy truck and livestock traffic and no guard rails.

The fact lies that there were no lines or markings which lead to many nighttime travelers drive straight off the road to death.

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  • Luxor-al-Hurghada Road in Egypt

This road connecting the ancient cities of Luxor and Hurghada which often been named as ‘Road to Hell’ and which many will tell you to stay away from.

This is because this area is patrolled by bands of criminals and terrorists which strikes at night which led people to drive with their headlights turned off resulting in a number of fatal head-on collisions.

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  • Taroko Gorge Road in Taiwan

A part of the Highway no. 8 in Taiwan, the Taroko Gorge road is considered to be the deadliest stretch of roadway. This mountain route is made by carving out rocks which faces significant landslides and earthquakes all year around.

The road is extremely narrow in spots and has numerous blind corners. If you lose control or get bumped by another car might cause you fall down the side of the mountain.

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  • Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand

Located in southwest New Zealand, skippers canyon road is carved in the side of the mountain and extremely narrow. This 16.5-mile road stretch is so narrow that if two cars go head to head, one vehicle might have to back up for some distance in order get to a place wide enough to pass.

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  • Halsema Highways in the Philippines

This road is the safest during the summer months of March and April. That’s because over the rest of the year landslides and mudslides caused by the heavy rain often makes the route quite dangerous.

Tourists often risk their lives to see the amazing views of the landscape. Every year, there are many crashes of vehicles with one another in this narrow stretches of roadway.

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  • Tian Men Shan Big Gate Road in China

This Chinese roadway Situated within the Tianmen Mountain National Park with 99 scary hairpin turns you have to take for a distance of a whopping 1.1 kilometers if you wish to reach the top. This road is not narrow compared to the other roads mentioned above but meeting an oncoming vehicle can make things a bit challenging.

There are too many barriers all along the route but too much speed or getting caught up in the beauty of the scenery might cause a fatal crash or long fall to the bottom.

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  • Eyre Highway in Australia

This road is straight, flat and well maintained which seems to be like it doesn’t fit into this list but don’t get fooled. This 1675 km long stretch of road goes through one of the most desolate and remote parts of Australia. Riders often experience driver fatigue and find hard to stay awake resulting in the significant number of crashes and collisions.

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  • Stelvio Pass in Italy

This road stretch is surrounded by the beautiful things to see but it also dangerous to drive on. So, do not get carried away. This 15-mile long road contains 48 scary hairpin turns which led many cars to collide each other most of the times. This road stretches at one point upwards of 9000 feet.

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  • Karakoram Highway in Pakistan

This international roadway cuts through mountains and canyons to link China and Pakistan. This road experiences heavy fog, sudden blizzards, flooding which makes your drive terrifying. Numerous bandits are known to camp out near certain parts of the road and always ready to take advantage of passing tourists.

Even if you survive all this, the highway is so high above sea level that the drivers often suffer from altitude sickness.

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  • Zojila pass in India

This mountain pass is located in the Western Himalayan mountain ranges above the sea level and links the cities of Ladakh and Kashmir. High wind and heavy snowfall do not allow people to pass through for long periods of the year. These narrow lanes lack safety barriers and are often used by large trucks and livestock.

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