10 Things You Should Never Do With Your Smartphone

Every smartphone comes with a user manual but there are certain things which you should never do with your smartphone to ensure its safe to use and also increase its life. Many of us don’t protect our phone properly and take it for granted. What actually you shouldn’t do with your smartphone? So in this post, you will know 10 such things you should never do with your smartphone!

Below is a list of 10 things you should never do with your smartphone:

1: Installing apps from unknown sources

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Downloading apps from third-party websites is always a big risk. You can never know what you are getting and you agree to download and install the app at your own risk. These apps not only steal your data but can also cause irreparable damage to your smartphone through installing malware or virus. Also, most of these apps are actually spyware and may track not only your movements.

2: Not keeping it updated 

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System Updates are actually very necessary for your device. They mostly provide Bug fixes & Security Update Patches, improves system stability and also sometimes UI improvements. Security Updates are very important because older security can make you more vulnerable to attacks.

3: Using counterfeit or cheap dummy USB chargers or adapters for charging

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When you buy cheap chargers, it is not enough to look at the connector. Many cheap chargers don’t carry the worldwide CE, RHOS or MFI certifications that ensure the products are made lead free, work in mains plugs and in other devices as well as being from sustainable and established factories in the countries of manufacture. Devices that carry such approval usually mean that the products have clever circuitry that allows the devices to work well.

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It depends on the quality of the charger if you use a low-cost non-branded charger, not only the battery will be affected in a negative way, but also may cause overheating and safety problem. However, I’m not saying you can not use another branded company’s charger, only use high quality and reliable ones.

4: Leaving the phone for charging overnight

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Most of us prefer to charge our smartphone when we are sleeping and not using it but that doesn’t mean that you should keep your phone for charging for such long hours. Sometimes adverse effects of overcharging are not visible instantly but it can ruin the battery back up in long-term and you may notice that the battery of your device is draining sooner than expected.

5: Not Restarting Your Phone

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Yes not rebooting your mobile phone over a long period of time will start creating problems. Lagging, taking more time for starting of apps, heating up of device etc are common problems faced by any user. Rebooting/restarting your smartphone time keeps your smartphone healthy. It clears some temporary cache memory and speeds up the phone.

6: Putting weight over your Smartphone

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We keep our Smartphone in our pockets, bags, and backpacks but one thing should be kept in mind that your phone should not be squeezed or should not have heavy weight over it. Sometimes we keep our Smartphone in the back pocket but it may spoil the display. Because of excessive pressure, the screen may get damaged internally. Though it will look normal but you may see some dead pixels or blurred display.

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7: Keeping WIFI or Bluetooth Turned on all the Time

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We all bolt our doors when we leave the house and add some sort of authentication to our smartphone. But there are lots of digital entrances that you leave open all the time, such as Wi-Fi and your cell connection. It’s a calculated risk, and the benefits generally make it worthwhile. That calculus changes with Bluetooth. Whenever you don’t absolutely need it, you should go ahead and turn it off.

8: Using counterfeit microSD cards for increasing your storage

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If you find a good deal on branded memory cards from a non-reputable seller, then there is a real risk that it may be counterfeit. Counterfeit cards are configured to report the capacity that is printed on the packaging but actually contains far less. You won’t notice this until the card fills up unexpectedly quickly.

You think you’re buying like a Kingston or a SanDisk but you’re actually not; you get fake cards in place of the genuine which are extremely poor quality, they’re slow, they sometimes just stop working, and it gives people a huge number of issues, apps crashing all the time, users losing data, a lot of basically complaints and customer frustration. That is why companies like Apple and Oneplus has stopped adding microSD card slots to their phones.

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9: Permission to the apps without checking

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Whenever you install an app from play-store or use it the first time, it asks for permissions. Before tapping allow on all the permission, check whether it is needed or not.

10: Keeping your phone unlocked

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The more information we have on our phone, the more damage it can do to us if it gets stolen. It is advisable to lock the screen always so that no one can access except for you.

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