10 most bizarre museums around the world you should visit

When you think of visiting a museum what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Educational or something belonging from ancient times, right?

Well, not every museum is a shimmering beacon of high culture. Some focus on the more exotic aspects of the world.

So, here’s a list of 10 most unusual museums across the globe

  1. Museum of Sex, New York

Founder Daniel Gluck started a museum dedicated to “the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality in 2002. The official mission of the Museum of Sex is “to preserve and present the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human sexuality. The museum hosts temporary exhibitions as well as a permanent collection of over 15,000 artifacts, works of art, photography, costumes, and historical memorabilia—all with the intent of creating an open discourse around sex and sexuality.

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  1. Cancun Underwater Museum, Cancun, Mexico

Located on the ocean floor, the Cancun Underwater Museum is one of the most unique museums in the world. The museum has a total of 500 sculptures, most by the British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and the others by five Mexican sculptors, with three different galleries submerged between three to six meters deep in the ocean at the Cancún National Marine Park.

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  1. The Bread Museum, Germany

This museum is a rurally located museum dedicated to the historical development of breadmaking. It exhibits the history of grain to bread that is grain farming, processing of grain, milling, baking of bread, bread in art, and other subjects. It’s emphasis on the evolution of breadmaking.

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  1. Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey

Avanos, a small town in the Cappadocia area of Turkey, which is recently gaining a lot of attention because of its unusual hair museum. The story goes that the local potter was bidding farewell to a dear friend of his when he asked for something to remember her by. She cut off a piece of her hair to leave as a reminder. He put it up in his shop and told the story to the visitors and tourists who passed through. Not to be outdone, other women who enjoyed the story left a piece of their hair as well. It now holds an estimated 16,000 samples by the museum’s own count and is included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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  1. Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

Located in the beautiful baroque Kulmer Palace in the historical Upper Town of Zagreb, Croatia, the Museum of Broken Relationships offers a unique emotional journey around the world through hundreds of break-ups. This museum gives you the chance to share your lost love tale. People can donate a souvenir or memento which reminds them of their past relationships along with a story about the same which remains totally anonymous.

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  1. International Spy Museum, USA

Located in Washington D.C., International Spy Museum features the tradecraft, history and contemporary role of espionage, the largest collection of international espionage artifacts currently on public display. Mini cameras, counterfeit money, disguised weapons, and cipher machines reveal the role of human intelligence and spies throughout history. Visitors can participate in interactive spy adventures, adopt their own covers, and unearth the stories behind the world’s most elusive spies through historic photographs and video interviews.

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  1. Condom Museum, Thailand

Thailand is one of the world’s biggest producers of condoms so it may come as no surprise that a condom museum can be found in the city of Nonthaburi. The museum consists of two rooms: The first displays condoms of every size and color from the last few decades and the second room shows visitors how condoms are tested for strength and endurance. It’s certainly an educational affair but probably not one for the kids.

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  1. Torture Museum, Netherlands

Found in the very center of the city, this bizarre and creepy museum of torture provides a vivid image of the painful European past. The international exhibition “Punishments and Verdicts in the Middle Ages” includes over 40 instruments of punishment from different parts of Europe, from the inquisition chair to the guillotine.

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  1. Plastinarium, Germany

Plastination is a process where human tissues are preserved even after death using polymers. Located in the city of Guben, Germany, Plastinarium receives a history lesson in anatomy, witness the graphic process of plastination, and can view a showroom of humans and animals in creative poses. The center also supplies traveling Body Worlds exhibits, which have been the subject of various ethical debates on body procurement and the handling of human remains post-mortem.

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  1. Museum of the Mummies, Mexico

The Museum of the Mummies in Guanajuato is one of the scariest museums in the world, consists of a number of naturally mummified bodies interred during a cholera outbreak around the city in 1833. The natural mummification of the dead bodies was probably caused by the hot and dry climate of Guanajuato. The macabre site was turned into a museum in 1969, and it currently exhibits more than 100 mummies.

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